Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to Get a Donated Car From a Charity

How to Get a Donated Car From a Charity

You may be caught in a financial trap that never seems to get solved due to lack of proper transportation. As a result, you are likely losing jobs or missing work hours and other important appointments as you struggle to get to various destinations. And if you have limited resources and unfavorable credit, getting a car loan is out of the question. You can approach a charitable organization that accepts car donations and request to become a donated car recipient.


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      Evaluate your current and long-term financial need. It is important to note that you may be required to put up a small down payment and make minimal monthly payments to receive a car donation. For example, the Caring Cars program requires a small down payment and interest-free monthly payments. Be sure you understand the terms of receiving a donated car to know if it works for your situation.
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      Have a clear plan of how you will use the car donation to enhance your life. Charities that donate cars to people have specific criteria when selecting people they will donate to. Eligibility guidelines include people in transitional housing, those in homeless shelters, battered women, military families and those with medical needs. Many charities approve car donations to people they feel will use them to improve their current financial and life situation.
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      Start your search locally. Local churches and charities may be able to help you get a donated car. If you are a member of a local church, ask if they know about organizations that donate cars to individuals. They can also vouch for your situation and your need to be the beneficiary of a car donation. For example, the Outreach Center of Central Florida works with various churches to receive car donations which are given to needy pre-qualified individuals and families.
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      Contact national charities. Many of these require you to fill out a form on their website explaining your situation and need for a car. Cars 4 Christmas has a form that asks you to submit your personal details, your story and how receiving a donated car will change your life.
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      Seek out the help of your case worker. If you receive any public benefits like food assistance or medical assistance, explain your situation to your case worker. Some charity organizations only donate cars through case workers. Goodwill donates cars through its Wheels to Work program but recipients must have been referred by the Department of Social Services.

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