Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Quick Guide For Structured Settlement Buyers

People with enough disposable income will find it worth it to become structured settlement buyers. Structured settlement investments have steadily been gaining popularity recently for their cost-effectiveness (they are mostly sold at a discounted price) and high yield. While the process of transferring the annuity or settlement payment to the buyer can take a while and may impose a hefty excise tax on the latter, purchasing annuities has been proven to be a great investment vehicle for clients. If you want to purchase settlement payments, here are some tips that may help:
1. Understand the market . Structured settlement buying is considered a secondary market which means you're going to benefit from a commodity that someone else has or had benefitted from already. You're buying a second-hand product and in this case, it's an annuity .
2. Understand the true benefits of purchasing a structured settlement . Yes, while you've read countless articles on how the payments can be profitable for structured settlement buyers, bear in mind that like all annuities , the returns of the payment are dependent on market fluctuations. It's a given for the buyer to accept a fixed payment and varying rate of returns based on the length of the payout terms and the insurance companies' financial ratings. Generally, however, the structured settlement can produce a steady flow of income for the investor's fixed income portfolio. It is regarded as a low or medium-risk type of saving.
3. Approach a financial advisor for arranging the transfer of payment or for annuity matching . A financial settlement advisor can help you gain the rights to the payment of settlements or annuities . They would help you find the right match ( settlement seller) and represent you in court during the transfer of the settlement . All you have to do basically is sign the agreement and prepare the transfer of funds (payment and taxes) to either the seller or the insurance company.
Don't leave anything to chance. Be smart about investing your money and make the most bang for your buck by purchasing a structured settlement . Not only will you serve as an enabler for a person who is in urgent need of financial help, but you also get to earn double the settlement you bought in the long run. Companies like QMAP are always ready to help out novice and experienced investors to find the right fit for their needs. About the Author
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