Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sell Annuity Settlement

A structured settlement is a monetary grant that is often the result of a successful lawsuit. Often the lawsuit is in reference to an injury case, which results in an insurance agreement. This payment is financially planned to guard the settlement sum and to offer the beneficiary with safe returns. Often the receiver is incapable of work, restricted in work capacity or has endured loss in earnings due to work absence as a result of injury. The structured settlement , also known as an annuity settlement , offers the receiver a long-term, steady and tax-free income.
An annuity settlement or a structured settlement uses annuities as a mode of compensation. However they have a basic difference. A regular annuity is a result of an investment or retirement option, whereas a settlement is a result of an injury or insurance settlement .
To ensure an annuity settlement payment remains tax-free and protected for its tenure, a beneficiary cannot ask for payment augmentation or payment advances. At times this is a predicament incase the receiver needs quick cash or a large sum of money. In such scenarios one may search for an annuity buyer.
Through an annuity buyer, one can sell settlement payments for money. The process allows a person to get the cash that is needed at a time, while the buyer takes over ones annuities and collects the payments as prearranged.
If one has an annuity settlement , it is beneficial as it provides a continuing and steady income in case of accident related disability. Nevertheless, need for money may arise at any time. Hence, in situations like this it is advisable to sell annuity settlement at a bargained price to be able to use the money to its full potential.

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