Thursday, 15 August 2013

Structured Settlement Annuities

When you're in a lawsuit up against a large company, especially when you have been injured by the negligence of the same company, then the result is most likely to end up in structured settlement annuity . A structured settlement annuity is a kind of agreement that will get you what you deserve. Not in the lump sum amount but gradually over time. This is an agreement where both parties are happy with the deal. The defendant may be a large company but to pay out the lump sum amount in a single go will negatively affect its business. The claimant is also happy as he/she is now sure that they will receive the amount that they deserve.
As the payment of cash was adopted in structured settlement payments, both parties have found some peace through structured settlement annuity . The defendant may easily pay the lump sum amount in divisions of it and the claimant is also sure that he/she will definitely get the amount promised. These include all the periodic payments that you receive to drop the charges on the defendant. This legal process has been around since the 70's and the first few instances of accepting cash for structured settlement evolved in countries like the USA and Canada.
If you are an injured party up against a defendant, you finally have to come to a settlement that both the parties are ready to agree. You will be required to drop the charges on the defendant, for which you will be compensated including the injury caused. This is a sensible and safe way to settle your differences with the defendant. You also need not worry on the capability of the company to pay the lump sum amount as the company is only required to do so in smaller divisions of cash. This option is the comparatively more opted for due its characteristic features that satisfy both the parties.
Hence if you are in a legal battle and are confused on what type of settlement to opt for, then rest assured that the structured settlement annuity is a safe and promising process. But be sure to talk to your legal advisor before you take any step towards or away from this situation. One wrong move might nullify your chances of getting your settlement .

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